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Full Version: My Advertisements 1.5
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Just notice when you use the quick reply and you have the settings disabled (and no ads) it shows the zone code
like our post zone is
and it shows up when we quick reply even when the setting is "off"
Oh it shows { myadvertisements_something} ?
I know that issue but haven't found time to dig into it and try to fix it.
It's not a big issue imo but the best way to fix it is by adding a blank advertisement to that zone.
Pirata: how to add 2 postbit zones? I like to create another zones for postbit, for example - one for First Post only and to for Every 5 posts without first post?

When I add zone, there is no option for creating postbit zones with options "every x posts".
There's no way to do that.
The Postbit zone is unique and can't be replicated.
You can however, create custom zones without the postbit settings.
i've reinstalled in another forum
¿why it does not appear in maintenance?

also in readme

----- Instructions
Upload contents of the Upload folder to the root of your MyBB installation.
Go to Admin CP -> Configuration -> Plugins and Activate "My Advertisements"
Then go to Settings -> Help Center and change anything you need.

¿Help center?
Too much copy pasting from readmes to readmes. It's supposed to say "My Advertisements".
It doesn't show in maintenance either because of admin permissions or because the language
oh okee =)
(04-06-2010, 09:29 AM)Glas Wrote: [ -> ]oh okee =)

Did you fix it?
yeah, just reinstalled <.< sorry for bothering
If more than one instance in the footer, then the ads themselves are below each other or are rotated? Like the latter.
I learn to give to an ad in the x Click Do not display for members?
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