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Full Version: Help Center 1.4
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Thank you very much for your quick support Pirata. Everything works fine now. Big Grin
You're welcome and thank you for reporting bugs Smile
Yes thank you so much, everything works fine now.
Yep i can also confirm its all running perfect. Great work Pirata.
Thanks guys, report any bugs you may find please
Just curious Pirata or anyone else that can help.
When a member puts a help request in and it gets a reply well they get a pm reply.
Currently its like this.

Quote: MyBB Engine

New reply
To: test DAMINKâ„¢ has replied to ticket #1 whose title is test.

Now i would really like to be able to put a link to the help request in question inside the sent pm.
Is this possible at all?
Yes it's possible.
In the language files, find:
PHP Code:
$l['helpcenter_send_pm_newreply'] = '{1} has replied to ticket #{2} whose title is {3}'

Replace with:
PHP Code:
$l['helpcenter_send_pm_newreply'] = '{1} has replied to <a href="helpcenter.php?action=viewticket&tid={2}">ticket #{2}</a> whose title is {3}'

Hope it works
Wheres the place to send a ticket?
(04-09-2010, 12:19 PM)iamazn Wrote: [ -> ]Wheres the place to send a ticket?

Just make a link to /helpcenter.php

That will have links to creating tickets etc.
Also i just tried to download it again. (I am having some small problems) and got a weird screen. No download at all.
Here is some of what i saw instead of download.
�������ø{t @���›�� q6èýs;3� ���Help Center 1.4\license.txt�°àpr Ù ÍÕÁSÞ…àë€SwÆ’Z/›ËᾎHöD7¤Ý²÷ªø“[sTd ¦ð¶†f}˜— ‰E‰¿'‡ïÜ?{/5!&é²ïº¶4~SH\À*ôÿp‰ª¾¡Xrt<dߺO8æý\` øµè#I-±ì!böw÷hyëïí4O_ÃŽ0&†ÿBÐâƒÈáõSø±>(µ!í€|YÚüüXÃC u
Yeðdg^€ƒ _ÜæËkosF|æÇê�ØŒ
ÐÅîU †<ü¾’ÄIdÕ§]Çyk ­1£9Çü5Š¥2£eQ“á×Ä0±|S9-LFf®­¸åÐõ(òëDkp"¦="5_÷`nn3¨œö{>òvt ?�²��$��Øó¾á|“n<3� ���Help Center 1.4\readme.txt�ð¦Í ÌÍÍÁ[ށ~o_ ÝEiÉÝ|lð Häî ;˜²[}Å H¤È…"%5É/Òèç/6Ñ)î”Ói¾@¾É"´îîfæãøÞoúwtèÏÀ`ƒ�ρö!§a”JŠ²Flö
h4d†²e:ŠÂ“ãeçLoÙ’Ç­G—39Éü“ÛËËùâÔsrðC4ŸÁ¡YÃœkDÓ2Ž|xêÒAgZPj’¤GæcKÃœxšý]á<×Kˆ¨Ë‰ÔPööf ˆöÀê(MZÔ”¡ÐÆ-„S)ç$‰þ×}}=0 ³¼³–SL1øSCl¦ª,Í•ÏfýäéS‰wDlà.±4ñlézq•²¬a?sÛ¶|Æ’‡ƒä߯¢Öˆ¼5?Zó-üû1]ˆ™ +½hGˆºñUcÌûµKö>`XÆÇ×Ùpž4Ã…H‚·Ñ>™†—Ç0ÜÕ7™œÔQaGKë…Ž`)¨uMæâê]ˆ£Ûsbæ—ô»Ž0ñ•*áøÜ3ãùì2y}ìÆ‹\w'ÙWh%õ¬‰°õ–è¢[[üV›ukÂ(oÕÅÒ‚Ùt·ª_ýñDÕÿ¼+ž¡Ž15pcx\þ^þF¶«zö¢\1ÀÛÒº7üá¿{X*‡Çåâ
/‰©·šD¡Ê*ü¦¤¥é:´Órû´L§|#MÐüõ“)1~š›CÊ×>x2¿OVòß ,\㘽X5ëÔ)P ©_+ð¿-ú!n=®@zŠß•†×$æ4oÞ?l"U|Çí„pO_4ášj¿/fâD”¾;Wn¨7�âDèëì·1«;µÕ·qËÒ8I®ã>šþO÷ãeÎ¥åcú
æu¿Ólþ6øOݸšÅ~¡÷$4A?#Ú¾ˆÝ£»0°fýñ l;¶0Húæ.ÃöE,z‡gp,¡·R‰Ÿeö”©‹˜om€Ñà"Ì2ácq÷ƒÚîö¸w³Bemke Úw5þöØ<ÿ[ƒPP^”’Ù´éUཱིQ¼‚á aùÔçù!ƒÄ=¿yüôm«:3]«+½ÛáY[»ÁÔ†™n «BDbÑt ®„ »wuÀ¯ò
Å~×$.ã³|óÛ¢_ÕÁ0/È zæDˆ\žé<ül[¾]Í¢<dîf!ø1{
9ø_n03 qO=ÍìõúÿÓA'ò]çÒg`þ‰´×ª‹ÿÊnw ;Õq5§ô€bèt P�Tÿ��v!�þ{T–i;3+� ���Help Center 1.4\Screenshots\screenshot1.png�ð ³x!™]•U”
Y”E!AI¨8-(àÊ&HRZ8!£‚ªŽ AHD*!NHRMÛ:Î|Ƴœc 5éÝ­§ßÀèô~«ýW¿wî ¿Å»àKuïÿëàpªŠIbâ¤B¾ØMLHVÿ»Èùûb¢bÿN¥\GúÞ5d´o>×€‹B*Š/ùUE u±øûüÅÿÈbçúþðüÛè}üwMHEWxõnÌ
1+ä[w7ó>”ŠEùùŠŠ½¥”ŒL3¢f¡ò`•‚ï}VÑ^yºØ&j’)j±!¤U·§LòÒ®!‡d…jÓ¼©‚¾|Ÿ‡ÙB®í-÷v}ù‹#Ÿ÷Nc¸7‡ ]ðøæœÿàË7¿[ññŸ½ü¢â¥÷—‰»1bºÿaéíï¢ß¬mê¢=磻µ¿ZŒîþ)õïŽûñO¯d›D“6ÁP�‹hšºÌ‹ý0‡ûÿF^>Ê€ ›Þd>ºœÝ—ëSO¾k†}b^ƒÿ¯Ûš!Ñèîçù¡‰Ü¨Ø?OYGŽùû4szš–xd1TØ­¨—›ò—·’üÒö/UÛr+Ìé)0M áxðŸñ²ô8àb"*Ϛñ’ç’Šû{8:¶X^ȦgâHCËy8ëñ‚ôöál0­úÏ2ùîÛ-gñºnÐéåйŠ}YÃœsý™öD`mýH.;ìˆüj,©OÊß)ž©“Öd„‰<ªRB�*â™l;ÔÂòMR¬×zù渋6&ƬËi=3Ùß㄃Sðí5m²jŸÓëij§_±°�Mq‹â{øWê’êk*Õþ[ëlà¤-X·ö‹d')Û÷o3”Û!rv:Â¥CNyDü¥ðÜ_'?žý¯’ÆóÊÐùT×-d×MIPbv¿µpwÍÎõÕ®Ík7Ùþt±Î/ ‡^…=€w{[fÅ’9u¬þuGîŒ<^£Ýv„äáFâBI‡ÿô-ëÔE ˆô¾Êˁü¡öƒ‰Gö~vBHÅ“bËBN¸íko¥¶ÕDZž„‰s£@¸DÙÊ{êø¾ðg¾fØy½;872n¼´ÜŠŠ‰ôKÀšº¼xüº
ƒ÷V}3s³Ä!ðQïä: ï¯r&àT¼„†,{>{Ê \âc9·ô{¶°×›íÇâĤ®!8-Û¹göÖŸ,Ÿœ‘¸=Ba—gnjKÅ“ #^«ÌRÁ7È GhÄ

I did try other downloads and they were fine.
@DAMINK, interesting, I have the same problem. Seems to be fixed now
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