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Full Version: Help Center 1.4
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It's gone now.
And yes I'm using fire fox.
Regular users should be able to view the help center yes
I cannot edit help documents!!
When I delete a help document you get an error category not found (but the document is deleted).
Just tried to delete one myself and it worked. And an edit doc function is not part of the features
I did not say that it do not work.
But the routing is wrong, because of the error message.
Is the error message displayed in a redirect page?
Yes After I confirm the deletion from a help document.

1. I click on delete
2. Are you sure you want to delete the selected document? I CLICK ON SUBMIT BUTON
3. Then you get the message succesfull deleted
4. then I rederict to a page with message

The selected category doesn't exist.
Bug confirmed and fixed. Did you find anymore bugs?
No I did not, Thanks.
But it is terrible when you make one mistake in your helpdocument that you cannot edit it.
When you wrote yes and it must be no, you had to start all over again.
(Thats why I find out this bug)
Yes I know, but adding an edit feature would require new templates as well and I don't have time make them at the moment.
Updated first post with 1.3
OK Thank you.

Because I use frontpage to make my helpdocs it is not that hot problem.
I allways can edit it in frontpage.
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