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I have been trying to find this plugin for MyBB after seeing it on many VB forums.

Is is basically a Bar which you can put icons for Bookmarking sites, this bar goes between the last post and quick reply box of each page...

Here is a picture of what it looks like on VB:
[Image: img.jpg]

I think this could be a great and simple plugin to create Smile

Thanks! Wink
Plugins requested in this section, if made, will be available for paid subscribers only.
Thank you for the request, yes it's easy to do Tongue
I think there is one already though
How much would it cost for you to make it for me ?
$5 as it's a simple plugin or just wait until I make this plugin for paid subscribers and you can subscribe for $5 as well.
Anyway, have you seen this:
Yea, that one doesn't look that nice, also most people will bookmark a thread one they have read it... so the positioning of my one would be better...

I'll buy a subscription if you create the plugin Wink how long will it take for you to make it ?
I don't know yet, I still have some requests to fulfil, as well as some custom work. I'll try to work on it next week
This is a simple template edit...

Just open the template showthread and before the quick reply add a <table> and insert the graphics with the links.
I'll do something like that for when finished the new design so if you need assistance let me know (I think it is really easy).
@cgoly01 There you have your answer ^
WoooooW i was trying to do that!
(read programming forum)

Anyway you can do it with HTML and PHP into the templates but if u want a plugin u have to wait nervo
You don't even need Php as far as I know...

something like that would work:
<a href="{$somevar_that_contains_threadtitle}" target="_blank">Bookmark at XY!</a>

I'm too lazy to look up the var that contains thread title now, do it yourself.
Also don't forget to style it - take this just as an example for simplicity.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter

PS: I'm sure Pirata could make a great plugin out of it that even loggs the clicks on the bookmarking links Big Grin
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