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Full Version: Default New Thread Layout 1.2
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This was requested by FullMetalBabe and as it was easy to code, I decided to it.

This plugin allows admins to set a custom layout for new threads in certain forums.

There are 2 settings:
  • Affected forums
  • Default message

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2:
Removed the bug fix added in 1.1 and added a better one which fixes another bug too.
Upgrade: re-upload files only

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:
Fixed a bug when viewing the preview of the thread, it would still put the default message in the text area.

To upgrade, just re-upload all files.
THanks for this plugin nervo!
Keep up the good work!
You are the best :3

Would you mind in make some myplaza addons? :3
Tongue Tis' Babe, Wink I'm a babe dude, lol. I'll try it now!!!!! Thank you!!
Double post
Hahaha, you're awesome dude, it worked! I appreciate the work you did and the extra mile you went!!
I suggest that you should add the same thing here:
Are you going to add it to the Plugin checker plugin?
@Glas once I have some time, I will. I have some other projects to finish first.
@FullMetalBabe, I'm glad this was exactly what you wanted and I'm also glad you're happy with it Smile
@Julek12, they're two different plugins so, they'll remain separated.
@eternalwolf, yeap, but forgot to do it last night. I went to bed right after I released the plugin Wink
lol Nervo it's FullMetalBabe lol
ok, but it was me that different templates for different forums
(08-29-2009, 04:56 AM)M33 User Wrote: [ -> ]lol Nervo it's FullMetalBabe lol

Sorry, fixed the post lol.
@Julek12, sorry I don't understand :/
I have forum id1 and i want to add layout but in forum id2 I want to add other layout.
Do you understand?
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