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Full Version: Default New Thread Layout 1.2
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Oh yes I understand, that's not possible though and that would require a page like most of my other plugins do.
I'll add that to 1.1 Smile
Hmm, any preview screens?
I can't imagine what this is, sorry Sad
It's really simple Tongue
You enter a default content in the settings and set the forum id's of the affected forums.
Then once you make a new thread in thoes forums, the content you entered in the settings will be inserted automatically in the text area.
This is useful so you don't have to retype everything again and again. For example, a "template" for a release thread Smile
Ahh allright, something like the Default Message Plugin by Labrocca Smile
Thanks for the explanation!
Oh yeah he made one too a while ago!
Yes but by looking at his screenshots his is way more complex than mine Tongue
Updated to 1.1, fixed the bug explained in the first post.
To upgrade, just re-upload all files.
Thank you Smile
Ok, this is awesome, thanks!
- Shadows.

Description of setting 2 = same as setting 1, it's wrong lol.
Updated to 1.2.
Removed the old bug fix and added a better one which fixes another bug too.
Should be bug free now
How about default content for replies as an option? Will be more useful than first-post-only tool Smile
Actually I don't think so, I find it useful for threads but doesn't have a use for replies imo.
If you give me a good example I might add it
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