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Full Version: Second hand items problem
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Ive added the second hand items module to myplaza 0.3.0 but the second hand items bit doenst show on the plaza menu where the "bank", "stats" and other parts are... help?
from the myplaza page, hover over the place where the image should be and click the right click. then click copy image url. paste it anywhere and read it to know where the image is comming from. then go to that place where the image is in your ftp client and search for the real second hand item image and rename it with the same name the url have.

for example if the url said in the end (home.PHP) rename the real image to that name.

hope i helped Big Grin
Go to Admin CP -> MyPlaza Turbo -> Modules -> Click Rebuild menu in the same row as Second Hand Items.
Ok, i rebuilt it and it works fine.

Also the "Plaza" link doenst have an image - it doesnt link with the plaza image in the directory.

What plaza link? The on in the stats, bank, etc?
yh, that one, i dont know which template file the links are.

It seems that in some of the templates are pointing image sources to "mybburl/images/myplaza/home.png" which doent exist, but i tired changing that to plaza.png and that it the "plaza" written just above the catagories...
The templates are in global templates and are called plaza_menu and plaza_menu_classic as far as I remember. Which menu are you using? The classic one or the new one?
ermm... i dont know. How do I tell?

EDIT: Im not using the classic menu, ive found the setting Big Grin. Even with the classic menu the icon is still missing.
Hmm, is the image there?
OK, its fixed. The file you get in the Upload->images->myplaza when you download Myplaza 0.3.0 is called "plaza.png"
It should be "home.png"

This fixes the problem, thanks for your help
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