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Full Version: Plugin Checker 1.1
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As requested in this thread:
This is a plugin which is useful for subscribers only, thus it is only for subscribers.
It checks for available exclusive plugins here at Console World and compares the newest versions with the ones installed on your website.

Plugin Checker page - all plugins are up to date, however there are some recommened ones that are not installed

Plugin Checker page - not all plugins are up to date

Plugin is attached to this post.

Upload and activate.
Great plugin, this should be very useful!
I will check it tomorrow because i am right now in work Smile thanks for this plugin
but is only for your mods Smile
Cool, will check this out.
@Pasal, yeah it was requested by some subscribers as sometimes they didn't know if there was a new version of this plugin or that plugin or if a new plugin was out. I plan on adding something like "X new plugins have been released since you last checked this page!" and "X plugins have been updated since you last checked this page!"

This might be useful Tongue

I might release the dev version too - the version that belongs to the developer site which tells other sites which new plugins are available, etc
Hmmm... I've updated MyDownloads to the newest version, but:

I am going to release MyDownloads 1.0 (stable version) in a few moments so don't worry Smile
There is a language error:
There are {1} plugins installed on your board which need to be updated.

You should change the latest version of Soft delete from 1.1 to 1.4 Beta
Hmm, JonP had reported that already but I can't seem to replicate on my localhost. Can you take a screenshot of the page?
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