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Full Version: Plugin Checker 1.1
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What about now?
updated all files and nothing x_x

[Image: error.jpg]
Re-uploaded new file, try again please
now is working
Adding a "install" button would be nice!
Nope, that's too much Tongue
(10-13-2009, 06:22 PM)Raptor Wrote: [ -> ]Adding a "install" button would be nice!

like in wordpress Heart
autoinstall Big Grin
Auto-install would be good, but...
This plugin is really great already, thanks again PN. Smile
I won't add auto install for now, otherwise would be easy for people to get my plugins without subscribing. I'll probably work on an authentication system which requires username and password as well as random generated key for each subscriber. Will think about it and may make it one of these days
Any way to integrate this with the official plugin checker?
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