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Full Version: Plugin Checker 1.1
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Hmm...that is weird, now it is working. (no language error)
It think if you have one plugin to update, it does not have an error (since I am in this situation). However if you have 2 or more un-updated plugins, it will say {1}.

Also, you should update the MyDownloads latest version to 1.0 from RC6.
Thanks, I will fix that in the next version. I'm busy with a Help Center plugin at the moment
1.1 is up, fixed that problem
re-upload files
Where can I download the plugin?
(08-28-2009, 04:17 PM)Julek12 Wrote: [ -> ]Where can I download the plugin?
I think Pirata forgot to add the attachment.
Looks like I forgot to add the attachment. Fixed and thanks for reporting Smile
Im assuming this plugin needs to be edited to reflect the new domain name?
I just installed it and got this error There was a problem communicating with the mod version server.
Hmm not sure why as the version checker is on, I havent changed it yet. I'll update it as soon as I can. thanks
Updated to check this website instead of console world
i uninstalled recopied all files
still don't work
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