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how can i add buttons to (bold,size,color...) in the posting threads and replies boxes?
Hmm, doesn't it come with Bold, Size, Color, already?
no i cant find bottoms for these :S
ok, after creating a user in a new host. should i create a SQL database?
Yes. But, do you want to use your current data or start from scratch?
i prefer to use my current data tbh.
Okay, then just make a backup of your files and database of your old server and upload everything (database from PHPMyAdmin) and files using an ftp program, to your new server
when i did the back up it saved it in 1 file. do i uploud this file through my ftp client?
how can i uploud the database from PHPMyAdmin?

thanks for helping Smile
Well, you should be able to access your database from your hoster's user control panel. There should be a link to PHPMyAdmin. Click it and log in with the details of the database you created. Then, Import the sql file it created when you backed up your database. The only thing you upload with the ftp client are the files and folders
OMG this is stuped. they wont let me log in to the phpmyadmin. i am 100% sure its the right database username and password!
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