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Full Version: myrpg question
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am using the myrpg free.
how can i add a (myrpg item settings) to an item i made?
am still very new to everithing so i need help Big Grin

ok, here what i wat to do:
anyone knows the spinning top toys (beyblade)? a new toyline and anime launched in japan and will launch in america soon. so the rpg game will be about beyblade.

each beyblade (spinning top) is made out of 5 parts. and each one of these 5 parts has its own powers.
in the inventory, i want to put 5 categories, each contain different kinds of the same part. and each kind has its own powers. so when a user wants to play, he has to buy 1 from each type to form his beyblade and start battling with it. so the attack,defence,hp of the blade will be decided by adding the powers of the parts together.

anyone can tell me how to make this? how to add different settings to each part i make? :S

thanks for reading this.
Well to be honest I don't think Pirata implemented a feature that you can choose which items are what.. But what you could do is this:

Search for the image of the original items and replace the images (just rename your images to the original ones) and then edit the title of the ones you changed the images for.
Understand what I mean? Smile.

Thank you,
- Shadows.
i am not sure of what you said.. do you mean that i link the items i created to the original ones then change the settings of the original and mine will also change!?

if thats what ou said, i thought of doing it but then the items will al have almost the same effects.
this wont help with what i want to do. any other way?
Double post
also is there any other battle system other than myrpg for myplaza?
MyRPG is very simple and can't be used that way. Anyway, I am creating a new plugin which will be for paid subscribers and much complex than MyRPG.
so it isnt possible to make the items we create in the inventory linked to the attack,defence and hp points?
Nope, they are seperated modules
ok, another question: how can i put the plaza icon in the index page?
You'll have to modify the template that contains the icons, usually it is 'header'
lol i have no idea on how to modify a template.

soo a question about the slot machine. how can i change the money that you have to pay to play with it?

Edit: never mind. i learned how Smile
Just change the price of the slot machine item Smile
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