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Full Version: dice roll
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a simple dice roll than can be activated when posting a reply, like a botton in the reply box that you can click if you wanted to roll the dice.

it will help alot with my rpg forum.

I think MyBB Central has a plugin like that already.
PS. Don't PM me for support, just make a new thread Smile
i know! but how can i download it from there? it requires a paid account or something to download from there right? i have an account but it wont allow me to download anything.

so i thought if i asked anyone here can make me this simple plugin.
Any plugins I make will be for paid subscribers here too so yeah don't except it for free Tongue I have a big list of a plugins I have to do
lol but common its simple and dont need alot of work (afaik)
cant you help me with this?
It doesn't require a lot of work, but requires time which is something I don't have Tongue
lol ok your right!
i guess your a paid sub there right? cant you just install the plugin from there into my forum?

i know youll say no, i need to find a solution. a dice roll is the last thing i need, after i get it i will officially launch my forum! i need to find one!

thanks anyway.
Nope, that would be against the law. I am a subscriber there, yes Tongue
ok, you are seriously my only hope!
i dont and cant have a bank account since am younger than 18. so i cant subscribe there. my parents never buy from the internet and refuse to make a paypal account.
i have been working on my first forum for about a week now. before this week i knew nothing about forums or about mybb. and i just learned how to install a mybb forum and learned about plugins. i know nothing more than those two things. i always had this dream of having a forum full of members, and this dream is very close to come true! i have everything set. i only need a dice roll which is very simple. but now i cant find it Sad i searched every where but couldnt find one.. so please make this kids dream come true and do me this simple request. i will never forget it if you did. please!
hmm you won't get members because of a dice roll imo. Takes a lot of time to get members. Anyway, sorry, I can't make it. No time to make it. You can ask someone else like Shadows or post a request at MyBBoard
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