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Full Version: Extended Buddy System 1.4
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Fixed my post which contains the template edits you need. Re-do the user cp nav one.
Updated first post with 1.3, fixed the bug reported by Lennart Sauter. Comes with an upgrade script as well. Take a look at the readme to understand how to upgrade
I fix it by myself.
I think after activating and deactivating that template was changed a bit to much.

Why I want add this person as buddie from out profile.
Simple when you look on the who is online list you see how often people are watch to somebodies profile. More as when they change their own profile.
I think it give it more power and 100% more friendly in use because you do not had to go to your own settings.
Well, I just modified the current mybb's buddies system but I might add a link to send a friend request in the next version. 1.3 is just a bug fix version
OK thanks

When there could be a button in every profile with the text add this person to my buddies list that would be a great update.

But thanks for your support and so fast THANK YOU
You're welcome, you should download my Plugin Checker plugin and check it once in a while if you don't visit these forums very often. This you want you can know if there are any new updates
One question left.

Now I understand why the deactivation gave an error.
The was also another row in the database deleted.
It was not a standard aplication but also a row from ban specified user from specified forum was deleted.
By deactivation and activiation that plugin it works.

Was it also that users first must agree to become a buddy??????????
Yes, users must accept friends requests in order to become buddies. But I don't see why that error would be caused by it
Me either but it was with the error taht was at the top of the page from usercp.
But perhaps those plugins do not work fully 100% together.
But when you install first buddy plugin and then ban specified user then it works.
No, the problem was the quotes in the templates Tongue ( \' should be ' )
Thanks for 1.3 Smile

I'm sorry for the delayed reply but I heavy busy days at the moment (bought a new car but gotta fix some stuff at it).

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
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