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Full Version: Extended Buddy System 1.4
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You are welcome you allready did a lot for me.
Hmms... How about adding a Add as buddy in the profile page too?
I've answered that question many times, please search within this thread for a solution
I believe as you use post 111 for the profile template it must work.
You only had to add your own picture.
sprintf seems to forbidd any html chars inside language file which causes problems for me.

Another bug appeared:
If I have pending requests, the link to user profile of the user who did send a request to me shows the wrong uid (my own and not the sender's one).

Would be great if we could get a fix for that and maybe you could solve the problem with language + html - I'd love to just post a link to user cp - pending request to confirm a friendship. Users are lost otherwise Sad
Hmm, as far as I know, $lang->sprintf works fine with HTML :/
As for the bug, could try this fix please:
PHP Code:
$request['username'] = '<a href="'.$mybb->settings['bburl'].'/member.php?action=profile&amp;uid='.$request['tomuid'].'" />'.htmlspecialchars_uni(extended_buddy_get_username($request['fromuid'])).'</a>'
Replace with:
PHP Code:
$request['username'] = '<a href="'.$mybb->settings['bburl'].'/member.php?action=profile&amp;uid='.$request['fromuid'].'" />'.htmlspecialchars_uni(extended_buddy_get_username($request['fromuid'])).'</a>'

Does it fix it?
I put the buddies on the member profile page on another place.
Now it is on the top of the page.
But somewhere in a code must be
PHP Code:
<br /> 
Because it is not direct on the top of the page but first a return.
Where can I change that.
In global templates, extended_buddy_TEMPLATE_NAME (I can't remember the TEMPLATE_NAME part but it's something to do with buddies)
LOL that I allready find out and checked them all I believe but cannot find.
Normaly I thought it was in the extended_buddy template itself but after deletion no changes.
Hmm then it's the member_profile template lol
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