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Full Version: Help: User Apperance 0.3
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Hi, ive been trying to install it and the
"Find in usercp_nav_profile the editsig link. Should be the last one. Add below:"
I havent got "usercp_nav_profile" in my templates part
ive added all the others but i havent got that one, is it not templates???
usercp_nav_profile is a template. Open it and paste it here between code tags please Smile
How Do i get to that template?
Go to Admin CP -> Themes & Templates -> Choose a theme (if you have more than one, you'll have to do this with all of them) -> expand User CP group -> usercp_nav_profile
is this in simple mode?
And if soo do i add it in the CSS box???
Youre in the themes not in the templates
yea i know, ive got a simple mode or advanced in themes. when im editing the css files of the themes
you must go to templatesl lol
but i dont have a template named that
You didn't activate the plugin, did you?