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Full Version: Images thumbnail at title
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Hi admin,i would like to make some request..can you create plugin for this?

i try to follow the instruction..but cannot make the instruction

So i hope you can create plugin so easy to us upload and setup.

that tutorial is for a different thing I believe.
Do you want images to be uploaded when creating a new thread?
Yup..i would like to create community to post their artwork or i want the thumbnail appear when user upload the picture when open the topic..if they not upload..default thumbnail will appear...because people more like to see picture than word..

cam you do this pirata?
Sure but will be for gold subscribers only if you don't mind. Give me 1-2 weeks
It okay..i gold member also i will support you..
Okay, I'll start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow
i have idea how to make this plugin better.All thumbnail will appear beside the title right,so the latest thumbnail also will appear beside the title of Category.

In Category Thread
only appear the latest thumbnail

In Thread list
will appear all the thumbnail for every title.

Hope you can understand.
what do you mean by:
In Category Thread
only appear the latest thumbnail
In last post?
Example from here
you can see the picture for more understand
[Image: thumbnailiau.jpg]
Oh got it. That would be a setting though but yes I understand now Smile
by the way, did you notice that I have updated highlight sticky threads?
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