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Full Version: Posting message... forever
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Hi everybody!

When i try to post a message there is the Posting message please wait... .

but forever!

How to fix it ?


That theme is full of bugs. I don't know who made it or who modified it but that needs to be fixed or just switch to another theme..I'd switch to another one if I was you. I don't have any problems with the posting message. It acts like the normal behaviour. I'm using firefox 3.5.2
I'm using opera :S

Anyway wich bug?


It's really hard find a theme for young people :S and that is so cool :S
You've been posting a lot of issues regarding your website since you switched theme so I guess there's something wrong there Tongue
Why don't you get one that seems to be bug free and edit it to your needs like I did?
asd if I was good editing surely!
can u advice me a teen theme? XD
I don't know, I am not going to browse the themes section at mybboard to find you one, I'm busy as you know. But something coloured and dirty
Ok thank you Big Grin

Anyway i saw that section for many days lol
Just pick a theme whose template matches your likes and then create new coloured images with some dirt
I tried finding some templates that i like but.. :S no one XD i'm searching for a young template!
I guessed that i found one XD
great, I hope it's better than the current one. I liek the current one but it's not a teenage template
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