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Full Version: What should I change of my theme?
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Well.. the text is difficult to read when it's on the background and I have no idea how to change it.
Any other suggestions are welcome too Tongue
you can see my theme (default theme) @
It's a kind of a vista skin, it suits the subject ( geekhelps ) lol

Thank you,
- Shadows.
I'd change it to grey, rather than an image. Grey looks good in the background
Lol if I'd do that, it's like i just use the default theme O.o xD
I have no ideas then lol
I'd say do what PN said...
i kinda like it gives it a more friendly feeling to it.if ya had it with like circuitry and chips in a tile then it would look as if it's over obsessive of the current defined geek. thots and comments lol.
Haha TFTU Tongue
You can think positively about a geek and negatively, i think positively about it lol.

edit: changed the BG, is it better?
Yeah it is but it's not wider enough for my screen.
Anyway, the donate thing doesn't work. Why don't you use MyBB's popup menu to show the paypal donate button?
Hmm what do you mean MyBB's popup menu?
btw, it's normal that it doesn't work, I removed the jquery and facebox include from the header lol.

Which size should the BG be, do you think?

Thanks Big Grin.
- Shadows.
I would not use an image as my background, exactly because of that.
MyBB's JavaScript popup menu, you never heard of it?
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