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Full Version: How to fix this?
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Hi there!
The most part of the themes have this bug:

[Image: 33f46eb.png]

The plugin is Show the users that has been online today!

How to fix it?
Double post
ps it shows also blank page for guests.
Tried 2 online today plugins
colspan="2" Smile
or, <td> instead of a new row. This will break compatibility with other themes
I know it but the blank page?
Seems to be a plugin, not the theme. Can guests view the forum with other themes? Or are you talking about the complete list?
When i active the plugin, the guest see a blank page (instead of the INDEX)
While the users see the screenshot that i made (i can fix it now)
I guess you'll have to edit the plugin in order to fix it
Ah :S thx