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Full Version: Custom Online Status 1.5
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- The plugin template was created with MyBB Plugin Maker Tongue

This plugin allows certain user groups to set a custom online status from the user cp. This online status will appear instead of the real one in the profile page and the who's online page.
However, if you want it to be a new field ("What am I doing?"), you can change the settings in order to achieve this. This way it will not replace the online status. - can be changed from the profile via AJAX

User CP - Profile

Member Profile - What am I doing behaviour OFF

Member Profile - What am I doing behaviour ON and clicked the change link

Who's online page

Index Page - What am I doing behaviour ON

Change Log
* 1.5
Fixed a permissions problem.

* 1.4
Fixed one bug related to the index page.
Fixed a permissions problem.

* 1.3
Now, you can add the status variable to the postbit if you want.
Fixed a bug that would make AJAX not to work after the first time you change your status via AJAX, if you didn't refresh the page.
Added a bar to the index page (if the setting "What am I doing? Behaviour" is set to yes).

* 1.2
Fixed one bug.
Added a link which is displayed as "(Change)" after the custom status in profiles. If you click the link, a popup box will appear and you'll have to enter the new status. It will save your new status via AJAX.

* 1.1
Added a new setting that allows admins to choose if they want the plugin to replace the online status or work as "What am I doing?" field, which is displayed below the online status in the profile.

* 1.0
Initial Release

Deactivate the current version, upload new files and activate the new version.

Plugin is attached to this post.
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Updated to 1.1 Smile
Updated to 1.2, fixed one bug and added AJAX support
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