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Full Version: Custom Online Status 1.5
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(09-27-2009, 11:25 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Oh that's not possible without changes to the online.php file

would you help me with that? Big Grin
codes please :p
Nope, I'd need to find the code and then test it until it's done and don't have time to do it
anytime you can, i'll wait here Smile

btw, will try to resolve it by myself first, if i stuck then i'll contact you for help, is it okay?
Just make a new thread, it's easier
i was imagine this a couple of times before....
Not a bug, but a good Suggestion:
Sometimes, Long long Status can deform your forum <.< is there a way to set a limit. or to insert an automatic <br />?

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Everything is possible, with work but it is. But I won't add that
Is this the one that is being used here?
This is not being used here, not even a similar plugin
How stupid of me, I had multiple tabs of this site open and ended up posting that in the wrong thread!
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