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Full Version: Custom Online Status 1.5
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With 0.4 patch is fixed
Ok, that's good to know!
Updated to 1.5
=O could it be?

*testing plugin*

You forgot to edit file version
it still says 1.4 Tongue
ahh damn, uploaded again Tongue
with 1.5
You told me via pm that only consoleworld forums will use postbit

"* 1.3
Now, you can add the status variable to the postbit if you want."


In fact this is already in "postbit"
but i dont see anything when i am looking a thread
You can because variables are ready to be used. You can put {$post['custom_status']} in the postbit if you want
Thanks!! this will make my forum alive
ya, it's working now Big Grin
Upgraded to1.5 Big Grin!

working ifne
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