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Full Version: MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0 Translations + Modules
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[Image: 10fcp54.png]

This is the Italian Translation of MyPlaza Turbo.
There are also the modules translated.

To download MyPlaza Turbo Click here

Click here to download the italian language [Image: ItalianFlag-full.jpg]
Click here to download the Spanish language[Image: spain_flag.gif]

I renamed the thread title from MyPlaza Turbo 0.30 Italian + Modules to MyPlaza Turbo Translations + Modules.
Remember you're NOT allowed to translate modules which are available for gold or premium memberships
and there aren't modules gold or premium o.o there are only the official ones
I know, I just wanted to let everyone know about it being prohibited Tongue
in Spanish is not available?
No, due to Pirata Nervo Reject on Converting MyPlaza Addons to NewPoints, i decided to not publish my translations due they are incompleted.
Also i have been focusing on other projects

If you still need the translation
Contact me via MSN