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Full Version: Admin Ignore
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My request belongs the ignore function of MyBB. Is it possible to create a Plugin where admins can set a certain user to be ignored by everyone?

For example:
User A spams in the forum and offended other users. Now the admin can pick this user and set him on the ignorelist of all users, so no one will be troubled again from this user.
The so ignored user remembers nothing of it, because he can post like usual.
This looks like an interesting plugin. Note that if I make this plugin, it will be for paid subscribers


I like it. Just need to add a timelimit for this "ignore". Similar to the VIP Membership. You could probably base it off of that. ACTUALLY, you can do this via the "VIP Membership" Plugin. Just make a new usergroup, call it "Muted" or something. Then edit it so that usergroup can't post, send pm's, or anything you don't want it to do. Then, add that person into that group in VIP MEMBERSHIP, BUTTTTT!!!! at the bottom (when adding him), click "secondary group" or w/e. This way, it doesn't affect their original group. Hopefully doing this will OVER-RIDE their primary group, but it's worth a shot. If their primary group over-rides the secondary, then re-do the whole thing with adding them, but do NOT click "secondary group". Should work.
Nope, ignoring users have nothing to do with memberships
I'm saying, you can use the vip membership to work like that. Just move them into a group for the period of mute. I'm tellin ya it'd work. And save you a plugin and time lol. But do so if you want.
No time at the moment, I have some custom plugins to finish (including yours) and a few NewPoints plugins to finish too