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Full Version: Search And Destroy
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I'm going to start a new plugin but for now I am still planning how things will work.
Feel free to post suggestions here:
What is this? xD
Read and you'll understand I guess..
A war game? Tongue
Yeah kinda. But has prizes which may motivate users to play the game. (unlike MyRPG)
Okey, nice. Smile
If you have any ideas, feel free to post them there please
I like this idea. Is there food to restore HP?
SOunds good to me Nervo. Like the bug tracker thingy...
@eternalwolf, it's not going to work that way. Damaged vehicles/infantry/artillery take 1 day (or more, according to the settings) to restore their health completely. If you lose vehicles/infantry/artillery, your enemies can easily destroy you of course, so you must buy new infantry/vehicles/artillery to make sure you don't lose the battle.

- You buy/earn points
- You buy infantry, tanks, etc so you can defend yourself and attack your enemies. Better units cost more of course
- Once you have a unit damaged, you can send that unit to the repair centre and it will take 1 day by default to restore its health.
- There is no maximum of units you may have (unless the admin decides to) .(this is something I hate in regular games, there's always a maximum)
- Once you reach a certain number of units or a certain number of points, you may win the game. You may also win the game by destroying all your enemies.

This is just my initial idea. As I said, feel free to post your ideas in the bug tracker please
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