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Full Version: Members having trouble buying things and a question
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Hi guys, I recently got MyPlaza Turbo on my site. I added a few items but some of my members claim that when they try to buy an item, an error that says " Invalid Item" however this only happens to mods, and regular members have no problem with this. Is this a bug or what? Also, the items on my forum are mainly pictures. They are referred to as "pets". They consist of tiny images. Is there a way so you can see them in a member's profile and see all their "pets". It'd be really nice. And also, how can I get it to make MyPlaza Turbo, available on all themes? Thanks Smile
I only have an answer on the theme thing.
Read here:
Hmm, regarding the moderators, are the permissions set correctly?
How can I do the permissions thing or check it? And also, I'll check that out for the themes. What about showing them in people's profiles?
You'll need to edit the themes that are not working. Check the MyBB Default theme on your site. That one should have the modifications done correctly. Are moderators additional groups or primary group?
Primary groups.
Can you PM me 2 test accounts please? One administrator and one moderator