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Full Version: Charge to View specific thread/Information mod/plugin
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Hi, i'm fairly new to the mybb community.

I have heard about MyPlaza Turbo and MYPS. Both are awesome plugins but i favor MyPlaza more than the other. Also before subscribing I would like to know if this is possible and if this can be made. It is to have a module or plugin that decrease(charge) users points if wanting to view threads in specific forum.
E.g: when they click on a thread in a specific forum they will be asked( Required to pay "X" amount to see thread) [Yes][No].

A module/plugin that decrease(charge) users points if wanting to see php codes/links/codes/urls in threads in the specified forums.
E.g: Inside, above the thread display or something that looks appealing or nice to have a "Purchase to view php code/links/urls/codes inside thread."

If this is possible i would like to subscribe once this module/plugin is in progress/working =D.
Are there any other known alternative ways to subsribe for lifetime?

This idea came about is to make an active community by users posting in other areas of the forum without restrictions and then when they are in need of sources they will pay to see required information in specific forums.
The only way to charge for viewing threads is by changing the forum income rate to a negative income. However, whenever someone posts, the money will decrease as well. There's no other way to do it And personally I find it weird that someone wants users to pay to view something. If you want to get visitors, you shouldn't force them to pay (guests have no money so they'd have to register) to view something and personally, I believe only a few small amount of people would do it. Anyway, the forum is yours not mine.

Regarding the links, I remember someone releasing a module that would require users to pay in order to view links I think. Search in the free modules section.

No, the only way to subscribe for life time is by paying $10.

by the way, welcome!
hey thanks for the quick reply,

let me get into specific

Reason behind this is to force lurkers/leechers(users) to reply or start new topics in order to gain points to trade in for valuable information. Once users have the accumulated points they can purchase to view threads in the restricted forums.

So there's Section A and Section B.

Section A is where new users/guests and everyone has access/unrestricted
So new users can post and gain points to trade in to view Section B

Section B is restricted to ONLY *new* users without points to see it.
Users will need to accumulate points to view thread and etc by posting in Section A. Guests still have access to see the threads but they are not able to seethe php code/links/codes/url

And I meant an alternative way of transaction. eg credit? or direct paypal acct?

btw: do you recall that free module's name? I've scanned through that forum and don't recall seeing it.
It must be direct paypal in order to get a life time subscription Smile
There is no way to do what you want with threads but I made this module:
That forces users to pay a fee in order to download attachments.
From what I understood, this one lets you unhide code tags by paying a free.
Smile i was looking at that before i installed MyPlaza and was hoping for something like to be made. Maybe i didn't describe as well as what i thought of.

Maybe the Pay to unhide code will work for now.
Is that one still in beta release?
I have no idea, I didn't code it but from the change log looks like it has no bugs anymore. You should contact the author if you have anymore questions as I don't know how it works
Alright, Thanks Smile really appreciate the quick replies and effort to helping out this newbie Big Grin
No problem Smile