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Full Version: Highlight Sticky Threads 1.1
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Updated to 1.1!
Fixed one bug and added compatibility with Custom Browsing
I have try this,but the problem still there.

1.Highlight Sticky Threads (1.0) <-- just a small problem,no update number
This plugin allows admins to highlight sticky threads in forum display.
Created by Pirata Nervo

2.Background still not work,so i still use the first version which use my theme background as a colour.

3.Align still not correct,so that why i use the first version and set all align CENTER,using theme background and title Red..the CSS box i put text color Black so all match with my theme..
hmm everything works for me. Can you take a screenie of the settings and a screenie of the threads list?
Great plugin, it will make stickied threads more noticable.
Nervo, you forget to change the version inside the .php file! it's still 1.0 and my plugin checker said that the plugin out of date..

fix it please.. Smile
Okay will do it later Smile
I have a problem of the text not being alined like reported here:
Link to board please
Seems aligned to me. Which browser are you using?
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