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Full Version: Highlight Sticky Threads 1.1
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can you show some example what should i put inside the box?
Example i want to have background yellow,text red,and align center.

Subject CSS Style
Enter the CSS style (make sure you use proper CSS here) for the subject (<span>). Leave blank to not use any style.


Row CSS Style
Enter the CSS style (make sure you use proper CSS here) for the entire row (this will affect every <td> as well as every <tr> - stickies only of course). Leave blank to not use any style.


thanks you
CSS Tongue take a look at the previous posts for example
Pirata,i found bug,this highlight sticky not work with Custom Browsing
Its not a bug, they are not meant to work together and I can do nothing about it, unless I re-code most of the plugin :/
If you can make it work together..more people will coming here..because it really good plugin for Mybb
I having the problem
1.I dont know how to colour all box
2.Text is not center
[Image: highlight.jpg]
This is what i put
[Image: highlightadmin.jpg]
I'll see what I can do, I might come up with a new version today Smile
Go Pirata!!!! Go!!!
I'm currently doing some custom work, I should be done with this work within the next 2 hours. I was excpecting to have this work done by the end of the next week, but it's going to be done in 2 hours and I started 5 hours ago o.O
Later today I'll work on Highlight Sticky threads Smile
I'm finishing up a new plugin, I might be done tomorrow and I'll work on a new version of Highlight Sticky Threads
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