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Full Version: Myplaza's menu
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Is possible to enlarge the myplaza's menu or make a botton 4 axample "more" and put other modules?
No, it's not possible. What you mean by enlarge the menu?
I've too many objects to put in the menu..

Sorry about my english but I'm Italian lol
Wait for Trinit, he's italian as well. You can talk in italian to him and he will translate it to me. Because I don't understand what you're trying to say Tongue
lol .. ok i try to explain..
In the myplaza's menu (where there are the slot machine, the bank, the inventory...) is possible to put more than 6 objects?
What links do you want to add?
Lottery was not ported to 0.3.0, wait until it is please
Scrivi in italiano, te lo traduco.

Cmq vuoi allargare il menu con altri bottoni??

He wanna make the menu bigger!

Adding some buttons.

Even if he's talking about the myplaza menu o.o b/c i don't understand wich kinda items he wanna add on the menu
I already understood what he wants but lottery is not ported for some reason Tongue
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