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Full Version: [Release] MyProtection 1.2
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MyProtection was developed by Pirata Nervo.
Copyright: © 2009-2010 Pirata Nervo
License: You are not authorized to share/redistribute this plugin with anyone. The author is not responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.
Description: This plugin enhances your forum security and prevents data loss.

Yes, this plugin is FREE as it was coded to help the entire community.
Here's a rule you should ALWAYS follow if you use this plugin: never tell anyone that you have this plugin activated.
Anyway, MyProtection displays a fake 404 Error page which looks exactly like the real one in order to cheat anyone that tries to access inc/plugins/myprotection.php directly.

Take a look at the readme in order to understand exactly how MyProtection should be configured and how it works.

In general, MyProtection checks if there's something wrong with admin accounts (like missing admin accounts, extra admin accounts, etc), the email set in myprotection.php (you set the email) will be automatically emailed and a backup of the database is made - check the readme to know where - and the board is closed (not the usual way. If the board is closed by MyProtection, there is no way to access the board/admin cp unless you change the close board setting to 0 - read the readme for more information) if the setting is set to 1.

MyProtection's settings are defined in inc/plugins/myprotection.php, thus only those with access to an FTP account can change them.

Read the readme carefully before activating the plugin or you might end up with a closed board - you can open it by editing the plugin of course.

You must configure the plugin before activating it.

Yes, your board will be slower (a few microseconds) as MyProtection has to run a few queries in order to check if everything's okay - just like every plugin, right?

This was tested a lot of times today on my localhost and on my live server with various setting values to make sure everything works fine.

Report any bugs you may find please!

To upgrade from 1.0/1.1 to 1.2 just re-upload all files.

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2
- MyProtection checks if the user id's defined in MP_ADMINS_UIDS exist in your database.

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1
- Fixed a typo that would generate a MySQL error when deactivating the plugin

Thank you Smile
Hi pirata,

still the same error if i want to deactivate the plugin. And... The version number is already 1.0 in the plugin file.

I´ve deleted 1.0 from my webspace and clear the plugin cache in phpmyadmin. Now i load up the version 1.1 from here, avtivated it and try to deactivate. I´ll get the same error message as version 1.0
Hmm why wonder why the uploaded file still had that problem though. Because I fixed it and tested it locally. Anyway, I've uploaded version 1.2 with a new feature and you won't have that problem anymore.
Upgrading is easy, just re-upload files
Now it works. :yay: Thank you for that nice plugin.

Simply uploaded Version 1.2. Try to deactivate, it works. Activate, works too. All fine now!
I'm glad it works Smile Don't forget to chmod to 777 the folder ADMIN_DIR/myprotection/backups. May save your forum one day Tongue
This sounds really cool, thanks. Smile
:/ kinda a huge bug on my forum. It displays a whole bunch of errors regarding the header and these errors are visible to guest and everyone else x_X

Screenshot below:
[Image: th_Untitled-15.jpg]

Also a similar set of errors are in the admin CP

That happens when you use Notepad (for example) to edit the php file. I recommend you to use notepad++
this is really awesome xD
Thanks! I'll upload it right now.
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