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Full Version: Forum confused
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Sorry i mean that this is not the exact word.. i wanted to say SFASATO.
And the dictionary says confused but in web it means another thing.


Anyway i installed a theme on my site but:

These are some examples lol

Anyway how i can fix it? Or is there anyone so kind to fix it for me?
I'm a little denied =SSS

Ps. The header and the footer are images WITH the contour

Thanks in advance, sorry if i'm denied. Ps. Iyo is the theme ok?
If not i could remove it and choose another one.
First the board is REALLY small in my resolution.
[Image: nxtdkw.png]
Try making the image with a bigger width
also in mine resolution!
Ps. if i do what u said the header etc will be smaller!

Ps. for the container i fixed
The container is not fixed here
i downloaded the larger and more flexible version =)
Now I am confused. What are you talking about?
The author released a larger and more flexible version of that theme!
oh got it