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Full Version: [VideoTutorial] How to install MyPlaza and manage it
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Hi there,
I made this tutorial that will explain:

How to//

- Install MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0.
- Configure it
- Main Modules
- Upload an item
- Set the inventory module, to make it cleaner

Sorry if is poor but i can't make long video on youtube.

If you wait some minutes the video will be better, you will watch it in HD, and you will hear the music .

Hope that you enjoy,



HD here:
Thanks for posting, I fixed the HTML problem Smile
No problem =)
Going to watch it now. Stuck the thread
What does it mean stuck the video? :S
*Thread, sorry lol.
The video is ok, it's easy to understand althogh it has a few typos. Like "those modifies" should be "those modifications" or "those changes"
Great vid! Smile
This is excellent. I look forward to adding this to my Pearl Jam site.