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Full Version: [Release] Second Hand Items 1.0.0
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This module was coded by keyvan for MyPlaza - ZiNgA BuRgA. I ported it to work with MyPlaza Turbo and MyBB 1.4.x and fixed 4 bugs.

What it does:
Whenever you sell an inventory item, it is put in the Second Hand Items page so everyone can buy it to you.
Doesn't work with 0.3.0 right?
This one does, I was waiting for 0.3.0 to come out to release this

one question:
if i sell one item, and another user buy this item in the second hand shop, you see in the stats by "recent purchases" not the name from the buyer. you see the name from the seller.

can it be, that you must exchange the names?
Or maybe both? Like this:

Row1 Row2 Row3
| Item | | Seller | | Buyer |
--------- ----------- -----------
| Car | | CO_ol | | Axxis |
| blah | | blah | | blah |
Hmm I just checked it and it displays both names, the name of the seller and the name of the user that bought the item. bought an item called Grip Shift that was sold buy M33 User and you confirm that on that page.
you are right. there are 2 entries. it is only confusing, because you see not exact, who now who is. Can you perhaps change the Modul?

for example:
Today 07:56 PM Grip Shift M33 User
Today 07:56 PM Grip Shift Pirata Nervo

i think, it would be better so:
Today 07:56 PM Grip Shift M33 User (s)
Today 07:56 PM Grip Shift Pirata Nervo (b)

(s) and (b) = seller and buyer

only one proposal. what do you mean? Or not possible?
Not possible because the username displayed is the username of the person, thus there is no way to put (b) or (s) after it. From what I got, the first entry (counting from the bottom) is the user that buys and the 2nd one is the user that seels

i thought, that you can´t change it.

but thx for the answer Wink
does it still have the option to sell it back to the forum? I mean not to another member.
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