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Full Version: [Release] Second Hand Items 1.0.0
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Nope, once you sell an item, it is put in the second hand items page. However, you can cancel selling if you want
do you have the option of deciding the price of the item you are selling to other users?
also if no one buys it.. will it still be considered as sold and you will get your money or you wont get your money until someone buys it?

You just get the money if someone buys it. The price is not set by you. It's a setting in the inventory module that decides the percentage of the regular price that will be taken as the new price / selling price.
Usually it's 70% I think
Could that be a feature? That users can choose the price?
I don't think so. I can't remember now but if I'm right, the price is calculated when buying (not right after you sell it)
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