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Full Version: [Public] MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0
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i wanted to ask, is it possible to view other members inventory?
Yes, it should display View Inventory in the postbit but only if the poster has items
where can i find this (view inventory)? is it in the user cp?
No, it's in the post bit lol
i must be the stupidest person on earth, cuz i dont know whats or where is the post bit XD
This is the postbit lol. Each post uses the postbit or postbit_classic templates.
oh lol i can see it here
but not in my forum, should i enable something?
If the user has items, it should display the items and the view inventory link by default
check the second post. he have items am sure. but no my inventory link :S

thnx for helping Big Grin
Read the faq thread to know how to fix that. The problem is not the view inventory. It's just not showing the items, thus it doesn't show the link too
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