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Full Version: [Public] MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0
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So, what should it look like? Can you take a pic of the MyBB default theme please?
It's same pic it should have the lottery nav bar on there mostly all of the plaza addons I have installed them
As he said, the lottery plugin is NOT ported for this version of MyPlaza.
that's why it doesn't display it
When will it be?
I don't know yet Tongue
hey mine dosnt work it comes up with a error pageSad it dosent say why, ive watched the video and reinstalled it like 3 times it dosent work Sad
What video?
Anyway, looks like a 404 error page, this means the file doesn't exist
ive installed everything from the upload folder
Double post
what file is missing??
At least I can't access it
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