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Full Version: weird cash Problem Myplaza...
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I have had a very strange problem:


I have search Google, and not found any results, this seems new. I Did not do ANYthing. I wasn't even on during the time in which it happened. I am the only person having this problem, & there is nothing In the log. I can give myself money, however, I wondered why this happened, and thought you should know about it.
Looks like you bought something expensive too quicky. If not, then I have no idea. Never happened to anyone afaik
nope, didn't buy anything, wasn't online during that time, never mind, I'll edit the DataBase & give me money Wink
That is a weird problem. And I don't see any modules that cam affect that.
How could this happen on it own?
haven't the fainest idea, I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything, anyway, I just edited the Db, and game me my money back, hasn't had any problems since.....