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Full Version: Myplaza wrong info defense
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I have this problem :

[Image: imaggine.png]

Help me pls i have mybb 1.4.8

and myplaza turbo the latest version.

p.s The problem is started when i have buy all item for increase my defese .

More info:

HP: 100 Level: 0
Attack: 500 Defense: 505
Which MyRPG version re you using?
I use MyRPG 1.0.0...
You should have upgraded to 1.1.0 already
sorry for duple post,but i have uploaded 1.1.0 version,and now it work very well,thz brò
Ok Tongue
Yeah I had the same problem too until I found out 1.1.0 is the latest.
Even if you solved it, when i had that kinda problems, i usually go to ADMIN CP > MyPLAZA TURBO> MyRPG > and there i fix all the users with the button