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Full Version: MyDownloads 1.4
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Updated to RC5, check the first post in order to know how to upgrade and to know what's changed

This should be tested on a localhost first on or in a live test forum first. In order to test if PayPal works fine for you, you can either use a sandbox account and change the mydownloads_paypal.php to connect to sandbox instead of connecting to paypal live, or create another paypal account to send the money to as you can't send the money to yourself. Just make an item whose price is 0.01 and buy it so you don't waste too much money, anyway it is for another account which is yours so I guess there's no problem.
I've tried a lot of times this feature with different settings and it works fine.
Build #2 of RC5 is up. To upgrade just replace the files.
Fixes a bug in the PayPal feature. I've tested it a lot of times again (when I mean a lot, I mean a lot!) with a personal account as well and it worked perfectly too. So, if next weekend no bugs were reported, I am going to release this as a stable release. (MyDownloads itself is already stable, the only thing that needs to be tested is the PayPal feature)
Is anyone having problems with the rating stars? I believe there's a problem in the path.
Clear your cache and tell me if you can see the stars.
Anyway, the fix should be the following:
Open the template mydownloads_downloads_rate and search for ../images/star_rating.gif replace with images/star_rating.gif

The stable release (coming next weekend) doesn't have this problem anymore and another one I found (it's not a bug, it's a small issue)

The display of the download page is going to change in RC6 due to a few issues that may happen when the description is too big
RC6 is out
After enabling this plugin, myTurbo does not work anymore.
huh? lol. It doesn't touch anything in MyPlaza Turbo. It is working on this forum and on my other live forum and my localhost
That is weird. Hmm....I will try to figure this out.
By the way, what do you mean it doesn't work anymore?
plaza.php and all the other store pages are blank, including myRPG. I will try reuploading all the files.
That can't be a problem caused by MyDownloads
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