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Full Version: MyDownloads 1.4
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There's no point on making downloads submitted from Admin CP as download submissions waiting for approval because the approve/disapprove page is also in the Admin CP.. The auto approve setting works only for the downloads page.
OK, so I didn't find another bugs at this time.
Ok, that's great, I'll release it as stable next weekend Smile Thanks for your effort
PN quick question.

How hard with it be to make this work with MyPS instead of MyPlaza. I loved MyPlaza but it's just to much for my needs. All i need is a simple point system. But, this is what I need for a shop as well everything people will be getting is going to be things they download. And, this even allows user submissions(which is what I'm looking for).
Hmm wel, you'll have to edit every line that updates someone's money. Search for MYPLAZA_MONEY_COLUMN, change this to 'myps' or something. I'm not sure if it will work 100% but I guess it will Smile
ok, I think I replaced all the MyPlaza stuff(database wise).


Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined function my_format_money()

Now, what is this function trying to do? I'll try and find the equivalent in MyPS if it exists. I'm guessing it's the name of the money?
Well that formats money according to the money prefix / suffix and decimals, I don't know what's the equivalent function in MyPS
There are but they aren't one function(I don't believe) Confusedhinchan:.

I'll mess around with it and let you know Wink.
Ask labrocca Tongue
I did I made a thread on his forum asking Tongue.

But, I'll just use myplaza if I have to. I'm actually starting to see a couple advantages to using it actually Tongue.
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