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Full Version: [Release] MyPlaza [code] Thanks 1.0
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Yeah I think people can understand it better now. (I do as well)
Hi i have received an error when i try to unhide the code.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysqli_fetch_assoc() in /home/mjtown0/public_html/inc/plugins/myplazacodethx.php on line 247
Looks like this module was coded for MySQLi, contct the author for further support
seems like i fixed the issue: on line 247


changed to


Still having a problem.
Taxido, i don't understand this now. I have Unhide Usergroups set to 0. So everyone has to pay.

For admins after they pay they are able to see the code.

However, for other groups like registered, mods and etc, once they click on the "thank you" it reloads the page as if nothing happened. They don't lose money, the thread creator doesn't receive the bonus. What's up with that?
Hey Pirata can you help me with this plugin?

I have contacted the author of this plugin but no reply.

I have the plugin installed and sort of working. I have used the original php code and it gave me an error on line 247. So i have changed the "mysqli" part to just "mysql" on line 247. I don't know why but seems like the first few UID's are able to unhide code. I have created some new accounts through admins and tested it but it has failed. Through those new accounts I have tried unhding code but all it does is refreshes the page without decreasing the users points and doesn't give the bonus points to the poster.

here is a test account:

name:test (the uid is 33 or something)
password: 1234

name: test1 (the uid is 230)
password 1234

this is the test thread.

I don't know what the problem is. It lets my account with uid: 1 and uid:2 unhide code. But other registered and new accounts aren't able to unhide codes.
Nervo is on his vacation, he will be back Sunday. Wink
@mikeyjai, I am not the coder of that plugin and I can't share the code without the author's permission, so I pm'd the user's email address so you can contact him.
Okay, replace inc/plugins/myplazacodethx.php with the one attached to this post.
Those problems should be fxed.
However, I'm not sure if all features will work properly. I have fixed a security issue as well
thanks Big Grin much appreciated!
Tell me if it works or not please
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