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Full Version: My company questions
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Mycompany questions
How do I put effects on the items I make?
You know those effects like heals life, adds attack, adds defence, and some other effects.

And what are my employees supposed to do?
I have two employees and they're not doing anything but I still pay them, so what are they supposed to do?
Your employees are supposed to create items.
There's no such thing like effects on the items. You can set the setting "Bridge MyCompany and Inventory" to Yes and whenever someone makes an item, it will be an inventory item that people can buy
Ok I will relay this info to my staff member Wink I have another question on myrpg I want it so they do not have to wait 1 hr instead like 5 minutes how can i do that?
Hi Mr. Nervo, I am the staff member he was talking about.
I wanted to ask is the MyRPG Module connected to the MyPlaza Plug In?

I just wanted to ask about the items which add attack, defense, increase HP, bump posts, apply for staff and those kinds of effects.

How do I make it so that when people buy my weapons, they get added attack damage? Or when they buy my armor equipments, they recieve additional defense? Or when they buy my "Bump Topic" item, they can use it to bump their topics?

Because I noticed those kinds of items sold in the MyPlaza shop, and I wanted my company to sell those kinds of stuff. Is that possible? If so, how?

And I just want to say, Thank You for your amazing plug in!
No, the inventory is not connected to MyRPG.
It is planned to add a page where you can create custom MyRPG items but it's not done yet.
@Divisionsix, you can set the amount of time in the settings I guess. (can't remember excatly)
I understand but when I set it to 0 it says you must wait 0 hours before attacking again
Have you tried leaving it blank?
That fixed it but I would like it to be like a wait time of 15 minutes
For now it doesn't support seconds/minutes. As far as I remember, it doesn't..
What about making it like 0.22 hour or something?
Would that work?

And by the way, so we can't put +dmg, +def, +hp or any other effects on items?
Well, I hope those get implemented soon. Big Grin
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