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Full Version: Staff Applications 1.2
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No, it won't since there are many alternatives out there. However, I've just quickly looked at it and it seems safe to change 14* to 16*, nothing else will probably require a change.
Ok, thanks Smile
Will try it out and let you know how I got on.
Could someone just let me know where the Admin CP php file is so i can try to add on the extra text areas i added?
Alright Pirata, installed this plugin without any problems on 1.6. Just don't know what page you are meant to go to for submitting a staff application
/staff_applications.php I think? I can't check right now but you had to upload a file with a similar name, that's where you have to go.
I don't have that file in my download package, so I don't know if that's where you go.
Nevermind, just read the first post and it says it's misc.php?action=staff_applications
Oops, I didn't even notice that. Sorry Tongue
Might you be porting this plugin over to 1.6? I have a suggestion for this plugin which is to have a setting where the administrator can define groups users may not apply for. This is true for sites that have a Management usergroup and don't want random requests to join the group.
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