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Full Version: Staff Applications 1.2
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Ok this is my question, I want people to join as regualar members right .... I mean I do have lexs plugin from mybbcentral which works for usergroups to choose from when members registering but since it doesnt force members to make a choose maybe I can drop that plugin if this application I can do the same thing once they request to become a certain group but the problem is I dont want them to have 2 groups just 1 ... will this help me to place members in there prefered group once they apply and can i choose for them to be just in that group once i reply to there request?

sorry if its a bit complicated but I rather ask before I install it..

Which means instead of it being staff applications it would be usergroup applications Smile
Nope, this is to apply for certain staff positions and it is not directly integrated into the user groups system
Im getting an Internal SPQ error when I try and activate this.
What error? SPQ error? What's that?
it wont let me download the file Confused
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I have a question PN.

This seems like a very good mod, but I'm hesitant to install it, as I'm not sure whether it will work in 1.6. Can you confirm? If not, will it be ported?

(and yes, I know it's an old thread XD)
I do not recommend you to install 1.4 plugins on 1.6 boards for two reasons:
* They were not coded / tested on a MyBB 1.6 installation.
* Most of them are no longer being used, thus any security issues or bugs that may exist were not reported and will probably never be so I recommend everyone to upgrade to 1.6 and use 1.6 plugins.
Ok, so this plugin won't be ported then?
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