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Full Version: "MyProStats" rate the idea, if it's bad i won't release it
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Rate my idea by clicking the stars of this thread 5 or 1.

Description: Displays the plugin "ProStats" on a myplaza page
(and thus, will not be shown on index or portal, ...)

Do you like it?
if i get less than 4/5 stars i won't release it and keep it for myself.
- Shadows.
Hmm what's the point of it? By the way you stole the icon and the name fro Pro Stats plugin Tongue
Hmmm actually I don't know what's the point, if it was on the index I would but it's not :/ Rated with 3

Good job anyway Smile
It's just a page that will include the plugin ProStats on myplaza page.
I did that for the ones that have no space to put it on index, or want to have it but not show it on index but on a separate page.
Like this you win some index space Tongue ( useful for fixed themes like NDesign )
Hmm and are you allowed to use ProStats's code? I think this might be useful in cases like that one.
I actually just had to modify its templates it's modifying ( to modify nothing ) and add a hook into global_end instead of index_page or whatever.
I will ask the author if you guys think it's a good idea Tongue.
- Shadows.
Yeah you should ask the author, it might be a good module