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Full Version: Bug?
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» (report) jakeneuman - 19-05-14:53 -- it must be set to all
» (report) jakeneuman - 19-05-14:53 -- the cause of error "invalid items", is that when you will set the "Visible to usergroups"
» (report) jakeneuman - 19-05-14:52 -- ops ill just report the bug of my plaza turbo
» (report) jakeneuman - 19-05-14:41 -- how to fix this invalid item in my plaza?
» (report) jakeneuman - 19-05-14:41 -- hello fellas

he told me about it on TFS that he has this with Steal Money Module though I don't think steal money module would cause any of this as it works if he ticks all perm boxes.
I will check it later, thank you