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Full Version: [Release] Periodic Payouts/Charges
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ZiNgA BuRgA Wrote:This module is a simple module which is periodically pay or charge all users in a usergroup.

After activation, you can specify the amount and period under AdminCP -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> Select the user group to edit -> Click the MyPlaza Turbo tab -> Change the amount and period

I did not make this module, I've only ported it to work with the Admin CP of MyBB 1.4.x and with MyPlaza Turbo. (and fixed one bug)

ZiNgA BuRgA is the original creator.
Mhm... Nice one ZiNgA.
Thank you! I was wondering where to edit the payout ammount! LOL!
try editing a usergroup .. You'll see it there Smile Explore mybb settings please lol Tongue
LOL! I posted that "after" i found it on the first post :p

It would be much better if this came with a readme or smt! LOL!