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Full Version: can not creat company please help
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hi guys
i downloaded the last version of turbo. i activated my company but can not creat company. all the time i receive
Error creating company: logo format must be PNG
please help i really need this feature
this is the addrese of my site
thank you all
As the error says, the format must be PNG
hi sir
i really need your help.
i tested png but receive this error yet.
i really dont know what should i do
may you test it and try to creat a company? i really appreciate your help
you can login with this user and pass . thank you
user: testuser
pass: testuser
Double post
hi all
my problem has solved thank you all
How did you solve it?
it was my fault. i thought that uploading one png logo is enough and this was the cause of error. after determining 2 png the problem solved.